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He wanted to hype the circulation, by any means, or kill the paper and get out. It was a vise he couldn't seem to work properly and it drew tighter and tighter. Only the people working for nothing or for thirty-five dollars a week seemed to have any interest in the paper. But Hyans did manage to lay a couple of the younger female volunteers so he wasn't wasting his time.

That includes your column.

Jungle explorer and the native tribe of virgins

You will also distribute to the boxes on Wednesday night, your car, I'll pay the gas, and you write up special assignments. Eleven a. Hyans' old man came in from Cleveland. We got drunk to- gether over at Hyans' house. Hyans and Cherry seemed very un- happy with Pops. And Pops could put away the whiskey.

He's Hiding On The Balcony (Part 4)

No grass for him. I could put away the whiskey too. We drank all night.

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That's what we used to do in the old days. I've got money. I can hire some hoods, some mean sons of bitches. We can hire Bukowski. I want to put your paper over. All we gotta do is bust a few-".

What a wonderful man Joe Hyans was. He ran out of the house. I reached for another drink and told Cherry that I was going to fuck her up against the bookcase.

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Pops said he'd take seconds. Cherry cussed us while Joe Hyans ran off down the street with his soul-. The paper went on, coming out once a week somehow. Then the trial about the photo of the female cunt came up. The prosecuting attorney asked Hyans: "Would you object to oral copulation on the steps of the City Hall? Oh, Joe, I thought, you blew that one!

You shudda said, "I'd prefer for oral copulation to go on inside the City Hall where it usually does. When the judge asked Hyans' lawyer what the meaning of the photo of the female sex organ was, Hyans' lawyer answered, "Well, that's just the way it is. That's the way it is, daddy.

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They lost the trial, of course, and appealed for a new one. One hundred and twelve dollars. A beautiful weapon. I'm going to kill a man!

We sat down. The place was full, Hyans was talking in a very loud voice. You could hear him all the way to Santa Monica. I'm going to splatter his brains out against the wall I'm going to kill the son of a bitch! It fires ten shots. There'll be nothing left of the bastard! Anyhow I asked him, "How about all these anti-war articles you've printed? How about the love bit? What happened?

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Dutch madam Hollander scored big with this autobiography, which became a best seller 15 million copies worldwide. Tito smoked it out while I fingered Baby. Henry hadn't said anything to anyone, but he was afraid they were completely lost No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. I don't know. He marvelled at the feelings coursing through his organ as her anus contracted around it, and began pumping in and out, faster and faster, her screams changing in pitch as he sped up. I had a strong curiosity as a child, and even though I thought I knew what they were doing, I had a strong urge to see them.

Now what would you do? Just fuck it. Forget it. Walk away. Leave them there together. And after the age of forty, it gets easier. But in my twenties I used to go insane. The first burns are the hardest. Outside the bar Hyans dropped to his knees and screamed, a long milk- curdling four-minute scream. You could hear him all the way to Detroit. Then I got him up and walked him to my car. As he got to the car door on his side, he grabbed the handle, dropped to his knees and let go another hog- caller to Detroit.

He was hooked on Cherry, poor fellow. I got him up, put him in the seat, got in the other side, drove north to Sunset and then east along Sunset and at the signal, red, at Sunset and Vermont, he let go another one. I lit up a cigar. The other drivers stared at the red beard screaming. But then as the signal turned green he ended it and I shifted it out of there. He sat there sobbing. I didn't know what to say. There wasn't anything to say.

Mongo's full of shit. Maybe he can dump some shit on Hyans. I was too far out of it to see it anymore. Next time he screams, I thought, I've got to knock him out. I Can't stand another one of those.

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It was true. Mongo had a good mind but a cruel one. It wasn't any good going over there. And I couldn't handle it either. We drove along. Couple blocks north. Drop me off. She understands me. I drove to the place, let him out, waited until the door opened, then drove off. A good piece of ass might smooth him out. I needed one too-.

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Next I heard from Hyans, he had moved out of the house. Why, the other night I took a shower, I was getting ready to fuck her, I wanted to fuck some life into her bones, but you know what? I can't talk against Cherry because the next thing you know, you'll be back together again and then you'll remember all the dirty things I said about her.

Two bulls fighting for the cow. And a bony one at that. But in America the loser oftentimes got the cow. Mother instinct? Better wallet? Longer dick? God knows what-.