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2018’s top 10 ocean news stories (commentary)
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That a rating of 4. Why does it score so badly? No wonder it's struggling. Incidentally, it was actually quite hard to find the page for this one among the sea of Indian restaurants, travel businesses and other such things that Facebook wants to direct me towards instead. Arctic Ocean — 4. Its page has also attracted this single issue campaigner, who has posted this exact comment rather a lot, actually.

Pacific Ocean — 4. Atlantic Ocean — 4. By a process of elimination, it can only be 1st. Southern Ocean — 4. Exactly where the ocean ends, though, is a matter of some controversy: Quite so, Julie. As CityMetric readers know, boundaries are a serious business. Will the Southern Ocean retain its crown?

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So tactical voting could yet knock it off the top. Atlantic Ocean fans — you know what to do. Jonn Elledge is the editor of CityMetric. Want more of this stuff? Image: Wikimedia Commons. Buses are back on the political agenda in the UK. A plastic bag floats in the sea off the Philippines. Ocean plastic has turned up literally everywhere.

vififorflasu.ml It has been found in the deep sea and buried in Arctic ice. Scientists have come up with a new way to measure ocean trash—and the numbers are even worse than thought. In , eight million tons of plastic trash ended up in the ocean from coastal countries—far more than the total that has been measured floating on the surface in the ocean's "garbage patches. That's the bad news.

The even worse news is that the tonnage is on target to increase tenfold in the next decade unless the world finds a way to improve how garbage is collected and managed. The findings are part of a groundbreaking study published Thursday in Science that for the first time quantifies how much garbage flows into the world's oceans every year. Until now, most efforts to measure ocean debris have involved sample counts of plastic floating on the surface in large garbage patches in each of the world's oceans.

A study last year, for example, estimated the amount of floating trash to be , tons at most. The new study also identifies the major sources of plastic debris and names the top 20 countries generating the greatest amount of ocean-bound trash. China is first. In short, everything is here to make your experience the most rewarding and memorable.

Whether diving on the island of Komodo, Layang Layang, on the island of Sipadan or Bali, the change of scenery will be present and with guaranteed sensations. All you have to do is book your plane ticket! It is located in a part of the Indian Ocean and its geographical position is a major strategic stake for the transport of energy resources, mainly oil and it is a very popular fishing zone for the coastal countries like India, Pakistan or Maldives. In addition, it is a sea full of history that has undergone centuries of mutation and denomination changes.

However, in recent years, a phenomenon worries scientists.

It's equal to five grocery bags per every foot of coastline around the globe, says new study.

An oxygen-free zone in the middle of the Arabian Sea is taking on more and more importance. Its consequences would impact the climate and cause the death of certain underwater species. This is an important problem at the scientific level but also real for the economy. This might stop some of you from practicing scuba diving in the area but do not worry!

Diving trips are mainly in the Sultanate of Oman. Here, the coasts and the reefs are preserved. There are magnificent geological formations and colorful coral, more than 20 species of cetaceans and a total of listed species. In the Daymaniyat Islands Marine Park, in the Dhofar region or in Muscat, the vegetation is lush and the topography very diverse.

Quality is present in the Arabian Sea and its authenticity is unique in the world. Each spot has its story to tell, yours could start here. We hope to have caught your attention and interest in this article on the world's largest oceans and seas, and hope to have enriched your already very rich knowledge!

For more information on dive sites and key destinations to explore, we invite you to browse our comprehensive site and to share your comments.

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Thank you for visiting us and see you soon, for new adventures. If you love marine megafauna, December is a perfect dive month. Every year, 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans, adding to the million tons thought to be already circulating there. With islands to explore 41 granite islands and 74 coral islands , the Seychelles archipelago is an ideal place for a stay dipped in an Indian Ocean so surprising!

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Light on Bottom The light was artificial. Believe it if you can. I realise that for a normal person it's hard. Wasting watts to light up the outdoors is bad enough. Spending the world's limited power to illuminate the sea bottom, though - well. Start by marking “Ocean On Top” as Want to Read:​ Thus when three of the Power Board's agents disappeared at sea, and there was evidence that something irregular was happening to the energy quot Aquatic enigma.​ Harry Clement Stubbs better known by the pen name Hal Clement, was an.

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By signing up, you accept the Terms of use , the privacy policy and, the cancellation policies of Spotmydive. Forgotten password. User name or email address. Top 10 What is the largest ocean in the world? The Indian Ocean Simultaneously mysterious and fascinating, the Indian Ocean is ranked 3rd in the world's largest oceans. The Atlantic Ocean The second largest ocean in the world after the Pacific, the Atlantic Ocean is characterized by its huge expanse of And as you are very curious, also dive into our world seas category from the smallest to the largest.


Improving the transfer of technology from other fields such as batteries from electric vehicles and sensors from mobile phones will expand options for observing systems. For the big bubbles in the young plume, you need high-speed photography to follow them being smashed apart. An alternative to the bottom-up peer review is to have an organization with a top-down coordination mandate. Ocean best practices face similar challenges to those in any other discipline — limited awareness of existing practices, lack of widespread distribution of practices, missing incentives that drive community building and lack of a centralized resource for submitting and accessing best practices. Another factor that affects water density is salinity, which is the amount of salt in ocean water. Scientists have noted that these changes are consistent with the increase in temperatures of the Arctic as a result of global warming. This is a good example of an application reaching across the entire value chain from observations to providing a product to an end user.

The Weddell Sea, the smallest sea in the world Located at the South Pole, the Weddell Sea is considered to be the least extensive with an area of 2. The Sargasso Sea Located in the northern part of the Atlantic and famous for sheltering in its waters the mysterious and terrifying Bermuda Triangle with its litany of disappearances all more worrying than the others, the Sargasso Sea covers 3.