Klondaeg The Monster Hunter

Klondaeg The Monster Hunter by Steve Thomas
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Klondaeg is a dwarf with revenge on his mind. When he was a young dwarf his parents were killed by a monster and now he wants to rid the world of all other monsters. In case you were in doubt this is a bit of a tongue in cheek collection of short adventures starring Klondaeg. He ends up with a strange collection of characters joining him on his travels as he tries to uncover the monster that killed his mother and father and even visits with a God in an attempt to reverse a prophecy.

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Tommy travels through a number of adventures whilst coming to terms with the existence of magic and his own inheritance in that respect. Tommy has lived in ignorance of magic, protected by his grandfather. C Pearce.

Klondaeg The Monster Hunter

This is an original storyline that brings together quite a few different elements. We meet a man on a plane who seems to be of interest to more than one different party and finds himself being almost abducted by something that is a bit demonic and we meet another woman who seems to have premonitions of future events. Like I said I might pick this up later on in the challenge just to see how it finishes and if I do so I will give it a fuller review. Naming the Bane by Kal S Davian.

At the start of the story Daggis is travelling with his wife and daughter as part of a caravan with other cursed and misfits. Their life is one of constant movement evading capture until the army finally catches up with them and all hell breaks loose.

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I quite enjoyed this and think it shows a lot of promise. I did have issues with it but I completed it quite easily in one sitting. However, this is only an excerpt from the world created by Davlan and as such I found myself not satisfied! I think personally I would prefer to have read a larger instalment where I can get a proper feel for the characters and world and make a more balanced judgement.

In terms of criticisms I think this could have been strengthened. There were certain scenes that were too quickly brushed over where I wanted to feel a bit more emotion. I would like to thank all the authors for allowing me the opportunity to review their books.

grankeoconcling.gq I quite like the cover of Into the Aether and Tommy Black. Love seeing the progress posts, by the way. While it sounds like mine did not take the cake, I am glad that you enjoyed it! I think your review is fair, and I thank you for taking the time to write it. Thank you very much!

I did enjoy it — I think I would have really enjoyed a larger reading and might go back to your others once I get through this event. Unfortunately there is only one that can go forward — which is a bit tough I suppose! Andrzej Sapkowski. Cassandra Clare.

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Categories: Fantasy Fantasy Books. Klondaeg the Monster Hunter. Notify me. Description Klondaeg is the self-declared world's greatest monster hunter. Armed with a bickering battle-axe with a split personality, he rampages through the countryside in a tireless quest to avenge his parents and slay every monster that crosses his path, is visible from his path, or even leers in the general direction of his path. Join Klondaeg on five madcap adventures, full of werewolf garden gnomes, geriatric heroes, steam-powered spaceships, conveniently timed flashbacks, and battles with cave rats and demons alike.

If you have a monster problem, Klondaeg's your Dwarf. Bestsellers in Fantasy. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J. Add to basket. Starsight Brandon Sanderson. The Gospel of Loki Joanne M. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone J.

Kicking Axe and Taking Gnomes (Klondaeg: Books 1-3)

Sometimes that ends up with a whole lot of mescal being consumed and hallucinating dance sequences. A fun episodic series about a monster hunter and his snarky dual personality axe. Your reviews, word of mouth, and love of books is what keeps Indie Beginning running. I was disappointed. Why did you choose to write The Sangrook Saga in this fashion? English Choose a language for shopping.

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